Ukraine Update 6/4/2022

Dear Friends and Family,

We are 100 days in.  100 days of war.  100 days of suffering and tears. 100 days of helping and hope.

This week, we celebrated Children’s Day. This is a state holiday in Romania, Ukraine and even in Russia.  Russia sent missiles to Ukraine to celebrate. But we held a party in the park for the children from Ukraine and the children of the volunteers and staff at Kairos. It was so much fun. Face painting, bubbles, games, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, balloons, McDonalds, prize boxes, music and fun. Even the mayor decided to show up for a photo op. It was  a great opportunity to catch up with families I hadn’t seen since April. It was an opportunity for families to meet each other and get connected.

I finally met one lady I had heard so much about, “Mary Elena”.  She and her husband are from India.  As well as their native language, they speak English, Russian, Ukrainian, and he speak Romanian. They had lived in Russia at one point. He went to medical school in Romania. They went back to India and finally decided to settle in Ukraine. They were both doctors there. They stayed as long as they could before coming to Romania.  Because they are from India, they cannot get refugee status, even though they fled because of the war. They are jumping through all the hoops but they really want to settle in Romania.  I wish the government would expedite their papers and Romania would receive 2 doctors ready to work!

We have a team here from Johnston PA.  They have served well.  They tackled the project NO ONE wanted: updating the data base. This was an unexpected blessing to quote the girls who were supposed to do it. They were thrilled to pass on this project! Sam is a retired dentist and Laura, former dental assistant and they were able to treat a few volunteers, children of volunteers, and some refugees. Fran is a former physical therapist and she was able to help a gentleman with Parkinson’s, who just wants to be able to work in his garden. It is amazing how God brings the people we need.  They all enjoyed playing with the children as well. Seth used his muscles and chopped who, built furniture, installed blinds and helped out at the border.

Sweet Andreea, who will 5 in a few days, is getting ready for round 2 of chemo.  Her mom post videos and she is still smiling.  One video from Children’s Day has Andreea and another little girl blowing bubbles in the hospital while receiving treatment through an iv.  Please continue to pray for this sweet girl and that she doesn’t loose her joy during this time.

My English classes are going well. There is a core group of 3 women –one Romanian and two Ukrainian—who haven’t missed a class. We have really bonded and they have really improved their conversation skills. It’s also a time for us to just be “the girls” and relax a bit and forget about everything on the other side of the classroom door.
Please consider coming to Romania to volunteer. We need nurses/doctors/paramedics, drivers (stick shift)****must get an international driver’s license from AAA, translators (Ukrainian/Russian), English teachers, child care/child activity workers, cleaning, shopping, loading/unloading, washing, and general workers. Trips can be 2 weeks to 3 months. There are volunteer accommodations at Friends in Romania Center and meals are served there as well. MBK has access to a car for volunteers as needed. This is going to be a long term project/process and volunteers will be needed for the next year, at least.
Thank you for your continued support and more importantly your prayers. Below is the link, if you would like to contribute .
Thank you for your continued support and more importantly your prayers. Below is the link, if you would like to contribute.
God bless you,